I’m Viktoria. I live in Skåne, the southernmost province of Sweden. (Which means that all of Denmark is a lot closer than most of Sweden but I am very Swedish, I promise.)

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  • At least two seasonal stories per month, where I write about Swedish nature, culture, history, society and gastronomy in a lighthearted but more in depth way with lots of photos. Sometimes I travel and share posts from other places in Europe.

  • A monthly culture roundup, where I share what I have read/watched/listened to in the past month (not only from Sweden).

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I am not a great salesperson, but I have not yet had a cancellation of a paid subscription so readers seem to value it.

Looking forward to sharing all the weird and lovely Swedish stuff with you.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about everyday life in Sweden, or if you just want to connect. I would love to hear from you.

Välkommen! Welcome! 💛

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You can also find me on Instagram: @ilovemostdays (But as of summer 2022 I don’t share much over there because Instagram annoys me a little bit. Hopefully I will get my Instagram inspiration back in the future!)

PS. English is not my first language, please excuse my Swenglish.

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Viktoria Wågert

I love animals, flowers, trees, the sea, coffee, walking, music, reading, baking simple treats, travelling independently, taking photos, and writing. I have travelled to 80+ countries and lived/studied/worked in ten countries, but Sweden is my home.